Im very proud to announce that I’ll be playing the Mainstage of LEGENDARY FESTIVAL on November 1st, 2014 in Club Butan, Wuppertal (GER).

Date: Saturday, 1st November 2014
Doors: 22:00 Uhr
Location: Butan Club, Wuppertal (GER)

★ ☰ MAIN FLOOR (presented by HeavensGate)

SOLARSTONE [UK] (Black Hole Recordings / Pure)
ROGER SHAH [DE] (Armada Music / Magic Island Records)
MARK SIXMA [NL] (Armada Music / Captivating)
WOODY VAN EYDEN [NL] (HeavensGate / VANDIT Records)
CORTI ORGAN [DE] (HeavensGate / FENology Records)
TEKNO [DE] (High Contrast Recordings / Save Our Souls)
CYRE [DE] (Black Hole Recordings / Trance.Mission)

☰ PROGRESSIVE FLOOR (presented by Save Our Souls)

ESTIVA [NL] (Enhanced Recordings)
DENNIS SHEPERD [DE] (High Contrast Recordings / A Tribute To Life)
EXTRAVAGANCE SL (HeavensGate / VANDIT Records)
SUN & SET (HeavensGate / FENology Records)
PHIL MORRIS (Black Hole Recordings / Save Our Souls)
MCO (Save Our Souls)
ILOCO (Save Our Souls)
BYORN VAN MAY (Trance in Düsseldorf)

☰ 138+ FLOOR (presented by Trance.Mission)

DARREN PORTER [DE] (Tytanium Records / Monster Tunes)
ALAN MORRIS [DE] (Enhanced Recordings / Transistic)
CAROLIN [NL] (FENology Records)
CHRISTIAN K. (Trance.Mission)
SCORE (Trance.Mission)
PATRICK VAN BUDDE (Save Our Souls / Sensor)
A2D (Save Our Souls / United Nature)
DANNY CADEAU (Trancefamily Germany)

☰ CLASSICS FLOOR (pres. by Spirit of the ’90s)

MARCUS DAUM (Spirit of the 90s / Farbwelten)
MIKE DJX (Spirit of the 90s / Farbwelten)
NICK TYREZ (Progressive Atmosphere / Dance 4 Love)
HIRSCHBEAT (Spirit of the 90s)
PHIL EXTERY (Spirit of the 90s)

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